List of commands in the fun category

In all examples, I will use the default prefix (h!). If you have set a different prefix on the server, do not forget to write the command with the given prefix.
open the menu with the command: h!help fun
  1. 1.
    h!penis - Find out the length of your penis
  2. 2.
    h!rps - rock, paper, scissors game
  3. 3.
    h!8ball - Magic command that will answer your questions
  4. 4.
    h!gay - See how gay you are
  5. 5.
    h!simprate - See how simp you are
  6. 6.
    h!waifu - See how good of a waifu you are
  7. 7.
    h!uselessweb - See a random useless site
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